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State Institution of Culture of Moscow «House of Culture «Garmoniya».

House of Culture «Harmony» was founded in 1994. It leads a large mass cultural, educational, health and fitness activities among the residents of the area «ChertanovoSouth», South Moscow. The activities of the House of Culture «Garmoniya» combines contemporary choreography, folk dance, aerobic dance, pop dance, fitness, sports, recreation programs, musical creativity, arts, crafts, educational projects into one.

The comprehensive nature of the activities of the House of Culture «Garmoniya» gives visitors the opportunity to participate in several projects that create conditions for the development of communicative culture in society. Unfortunately, the area of the House of Culture can not accommodate everyone and events are held for a limited number of residents.

Our address: Moscow, Kirovogradskaya st., 44B.

phone: +7 (495) 387-47-27
phone: +7 (495) 389-48-55

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